Where tradition meets elegance

When the world began, there was the Sky and the Earth, which gave birth to everything that exists on earth. Together, they formed six other elements, including Thunder, Wind, Water, Fire, Mountain and Lake. These 8 elements, otherwise known as the “Bagua '' are unique entities that work together harmoniously creating the world we live in today. The manifestion of these 8 trigrams leads to all mutations of nature, giving birth to META8. 

Immersify yourself in the experience of the most fundamental philosophical concept of the East the moment you step through our doors, and seated along our enchanting bar. Open for walk-ins and reservations Wednesday-Saturday from 5:30pm until late, META8 at Chef David boasts carefully crafted cocktails that reflect each attribute of the Bagua, effortlessly mixing traditional taoism elements with the finest spirits, wines and fruits. META8 is a haven for tradition and culture, displayed in the design of our bar, and our finest bespoke cocktails.