An Unforgettable Experience

At Chef David Kew, the team of chefs are inspired by the traditional dishes of the East, and the haute cuisine of the West. From passion, attention to detail and a love for presenting gastronomic excellence by the team of passionate chefs, combined with the passion for fresh local Australian products, Chef David Kew’s purpose is to introduce an experience of flavour partnerships that crosses cultural boundaries, creating an Asian Fusion experience unique to its own.

Our kitchen’s dream team consists of Chef David Li, a prodigy in traditional Chinese cuisines and Chef Yang, who focuses on refining French and Japanese cooking techniques in the kitchen. Together, they aim to create a fusion dining experience like never before.

Boasting an exotic interior that displays a mixture of industrial space and traditional China, Chef David Kew aims to unite both unique aesthetic gratification and exquisite degustation experience.

The team at Chef David Kew prioritises excellence in all aspects, inclusive of immaculate service, an eye pleasing venue and an unique degustation experience for all customers.